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Tips to bake the perfect cookies:
If you’re going to be baking cookies regularly it important to consider that quite a lot could go wrong. Baking can be a science and cookies are much more finicky than many people may think. Baking is not an easy task and sometimes even a tried-and-true recipe can come out burnt or fail based off of one small change or accident. If you’re looking for help in baking the perfect cookies on your next try, here are some tips that can guide your progress in baking the perfect cookies:

Pick out the best ingredients: every ingredient that you put into the mixing bowl could likely use some type of an upgrade. If you are baking cookies from scratch you should consider using butter instead of margarine, real vanilla extract over artificial vanilla as well as looking into some quality flour and sugar. Improving the types of ingredients that you put into the cookies will likely help with the recipe as well as give you a much better chance of creating high quality results. Using fresh eggs and brand new ingredients purchased from the store can also be a huge help to improving the quality of the cookies you make. Making cookies from a premade mix will likely lead to more consistent results but it might not always lead to better cookies because these are usually made in large batches and with lower quality ingredients.

Be careful with the flour: The way the you manipulate the flour in the bowl should be extremely delicate. Flour needs to be measured, mixed and moved very carefully. Stirring up the flour before you added into the measuring cup and then leveling up the flower for exact measurements is important. For smaller measuring cups consider using a knife to even out the measurement before adding it into the bowl.

Upgrade your measuring game: you need to follow recipes to exact specifications and this means sometimes measuring and double measuring ingredients. Getting a high quality dry measuring cup that’s made out of plastic or metal that has straight edges is a great way to maintain consistency. Measuring your liquids in a special liquid measuring cup can also make sure that the process is a little more accurate.

Cool down your dough: Before you place your dough onto cooking sheets and start the baking process after blending all of the ingredients together, chill your cookie dough in the fridge overnight before you bake it. This is one of the best ways to make sure that the Dell can soak up all of the proteins and blend together in a better format. If you are in a rush and you want to try this format you can also stick to dough in the freezer for 20 min..

Don’t remove them from the cookie sheet right away: Allow the cookies to sit on the sheet and cool naturally for at least 10 min.. This will often allow the cookie to continue baking on the bottom so that you end up with a better consistency. Removing them too early can lead to very doughy cookies which can be undercooked.